Top 10 Best Food Trucks in Los Angeles.

The Best Food Trucks team has compiled a list of the Best Food Trucks in Los Angeles. Using data derived from the Best Food Trucks app, they’ve based their list on sales, reviews and requests. From Pizza’s to BBQ, there is something for everyone on this list.

To read about the trucks on the list go here:

Here is a quick look at the list:

Oaxaca on Wheels: Mexican

Wise Barbeque Food Truck: BBQ

The Fix on Wheels: Hamburgers

Maravilla Latin Cuisine: Latin

StopBye Cafe: Indonesian/ Asian Fusion

8E8 Thai Food Truck: Thai

Love Bird: Chicken Sandwiches

Pasta Sisters: Italian/

Tokyo Style Food Truck and Catering: Japanese/Hot Dogs/Boba/Asian Fusion

Vivace Pizza: Pizza

These are some of the Best Food Trucks for catering and daily service in Los Angeles. Find them on BFT and don’t miss out!

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