Q & A

Food Truck Q & A Session

Launching a modern day food truck can be a confusing endeavor. We strive to remove the unknowns and put you on the right path to getting your food truck business started.

We now have a video tutorial that discusses running a food truck and dealing with organizers in Los Angeles. We have a 45 minute conversation with Diana Yin, the owner of Peaches Southern BBQ Food Truck, Poppy and Rose and Splendid Marketing (a food truck location booking service). We cover what it takes to run a successful food truck in LA. LINK to video:  Cost $19 Length: 45 minutes.

We also do an in person Q & A session where we discuss the SoCalMFVA, truck rentals and purchases, your concept, health permitting, menus, point of sale systems, goods ordering, municipal codes, commissaries, product cost outs, and the current regulatory and business environment throughout California.

If you would like to schedule a one-on-one Q & A session to learn about the food truck industry, please email mfva@me.com and provide details and times you can meet. If you are not in Los Angeles, we can schedule a Skype meeting.

Cost: $200 per session

Session Length: 1 hour