The Southern California Mobile Food Vendors’ Association was formed in January, 2010, in response to mounting concerns by the fledgling Gourmet Food Truck industry regarding their rights and responsibilities as business owners within the Los Angeles City and County regulatory framework. The goal of the Association is to foster the growth of the Gourmet Food Truck industry in Los Angeles, and to help trucks navigate the existing regulatory framework. Incorporated as a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization, the Association works closely with all levels of city, county, and state politics to prevent the enactment of additional regulations and challenge those existing regulations which we believe are unfair, unwise, or unauthorized. On a day-to-day basis, the Association works with its membership to keep them apprised of the “Rules of the Road,” and provides emergency support when trucks operating legally are targeted unfairly by officials or other business owners. The Association retains two experienced and highly competent attorneys to counsel us and help us achieve these goals.

In addition to advising new and established trucks on issues of regulatory compliance, the Association is committed to helping its members grow their businesses whenever possible. That said, the Association will never tell you how to run your business. The Association works with property owners to create popular lot opportunities, and acts as a single point of contact for festival and special event bookings. The Association is currently reaching out to commissary owners and food distributors in an effort to simplify the preparatory side of a Food Truck business, and keep costs low for members.

You must currently be operating a mobile food facility, or have one pending final inspection, to become a member of the SoCalMFVA.

Applications are processed on the 9th of every month. Please complete all information in all fields indicated (Full address, including your city and zip code).

Membership Requirement:

  • All vendors must be permitted with a health department in Southern California
  • All vendors must have a business license with a city or county in Southern California
  • All vendors must agree to abide by local city and county laws

Association Benefits:

  • Access to our listserv message board with access to all members
  • Opportunities to vend on Association-run lots/events
  • Unified voice to work towards more fair and equitable regulatory resolutions
  • Vendor resources
  • Regulatory support