Best Practices

Best Practices Guide download copy- BPSCMFVA

  1. You must obey the posted parking restrictions, including, but not limited to, restrictions on stopping, loading, and parking from either posted signs or painted curbs [ LAMC 80.73(b)2(B)].
  2. You must dispense food from the sidewalk side of the street. No truck may dispense food street side [ LAMC 80.73(b)2(C)]
  3. Stay a safe distance away from intersections to avoid obstruction of sight lines. Know the municipalities’ requirements
  4. Trash shall be removed from all areas VISIBLE around the truck. The truck shall take all bags with them when vacating an area. Trash is to include all materials originally dispensed from the truck as well as any other items left by patrons, such as cigarette butts[ LAMC 80.73(b)2(E)].
  5. You must have a CONSPICUOUS litter receptacle which is clearly marked with a sign requesting its use by patrons [ LAMC 80.73(b)2(D)]. In-truck hatch receptacles are NOT sufficient.
  6. Trucks must be parked at a Commissary every night. [Cal Code: 114295(c)]
  7. Trucks shall be cleaned and serviced at least once per day [Cal Code: 114297]
  8. Trucks must have access to a readily available restroom within 200ft, with warm water (100 degrees)(113941), single use dispensing soap, paper towels, kept in clean working order, if vending for over an hour (Cal Code: 114315)
  9. You must have a business license/vending permit/ peddlers permit for the municipality you are doing business in. Malibu and Calabasas use the LA County Business License
  10. You must have a health permit for the municipality you are doing business in. Pasadena and the City of Vernon are not covered under the Los Angeles County Health Permit and require a separate permit and approval process.
  11. Every employee must have a seat with a working seatbelt while moving [Cal Code 27315]
  12. There is no smoking on a Mobile Food Facility. Cal Code and LAMC.
  13. A properly charged and maintained minimum 10 BC-rated fire extinguisher to combat grease fires shall be properly mounted and readily accessible on the interior of any mobile food facility that is equipped with heating elements or cooking equipment. [114323(e)]


  1. Wash your hands in 100º for at least 15 seconds after every restroom visit, and after handling food directly.
  2. Wash, rinse, sanitize.
  3. Do not handle foods with your bare hands.
  4. Do not work when ill.
  5. Hot temps must be kept above 135º
  6. Cold temps must stay below 41º
  7. Avoid the temperature danger zone: 42º –134º
  8. Cool items at the appropriate time intervals. 135º to 70º within two hours, 70º to 41º within 2 hours.
  9. Do not cross contaminate your food items.

Health Department:

  1. DO NOT MODIFY your truck after you have been permitted without a plan check
  2. DO NOT add equipment without approval
  3. If you substantially change your menu you must inform the Health Department