The Food Truck Movement

We are a group of small business entrepreneurs who have set about changing the food landscape in Southern California by providing a diverse and eclectic variety of high quality food at an affordable price, from a mobile platform.  The SoCal Mobile Food Vendors Association was the first food truck advocacy organization in the new gourmet food truck industry. To address some of the impacts this new food delivery concept is having on the Los Angeles area, to ensure that our continued growth is a positive addition to the local economy, and to provide a source of information to the on-going discussions, we have banded together to create the Southern California Mobile Food Vendors Association.  By forming this organization we can speak with one voice to address and hopefully allay the concerns of the various elements in the community.  By creating a single representative entity, we hope to make it possible to work with local governments, merchants associations and others to ensure our presence is positive experience for all concerned.

Our initial goals are to:

  • Provide a single point of contact for those who wish to discuss any aspect of our businesses and to work to develop and maintain positive relations with all concerned.
  • Create a code of behavior for the food truck industry to ensure that we are good neighbors and a benefit to our communities.
  • Work cooperatively with municipalities and governmental bureaucracies to review codes, ordinances, procedures and enforcement so that they better address the realities of this newindustry and not try to apply out-dated and inapplicable rules to this novel and dynamic business model.
  • Develop a system of mentoring new operators so they can become positive additions to this new culinary movement.
  • Create a system of addressing issues that may arise from our presence and develop equitable solutions to resolve any problems in the food truck industry.
  • Provide a contact point for members of the food truck community who wish to avail themselves of the services our members.