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Today we sent out the press release below.  I would like to add that this race in Los Angeles will have a national impact.   Regulations are being enacted and revised across the US to limit and restrict the food truck movement.  Together we can elect a representative who understands the importance of consumer choice and regulatory fairness.  If we’re successful, established politicians and candidates nationwide will begin to respect the power of this movement.  This election will have an affect on regulations nationwide.  Stand up and let your voice be heard.

If you live in the 4th district of Los Angeles, please register to vote by February 22nd, and Vote on March 8th.

Please donate to Stephen Box.  He is an underdog in this race, but together we can give him a fighting chance.  Any amount will help.

Please visit the website at

Press release:

(Los Angeles) – The Southern California Mobile Food Vendors Association (S0CalMFVA) has endorsed Stephen Box in the Los Angeles 4th district for City Council. Box is challenging incumbent, Tom La Bonge, in the upcoming March 8th primary election.
This endorsement stems from Stephen Box’s vision for a great city that promotes a vibrant street life that includes public space, open space and safe streets. Stephen Box understands the new business model and promotes an environment where brick and mortar restaurants and food trucks all prosper. 
The SoCal MFVA believes that Box embraces innovation and that idea mobile food vendors create hundreds of jobs throughout the city in a time when unemployment is at its highest.  Because of his background as a film producer he knows how important mobile vendors are to the entertainment industry. Additionally, as a “Great Streets” advocate, Box believes that these small businesses are woven into the cultural fabric of the city and that they play a vital role in creating a vibrant street life that brings people together in healthy communities throughout Los Angeles.
Stephen Box has gone on record about the mobile food vendors stating that “LA’s Food Truck phenomenon is part of our unique street culture and it is an expression of mobility that brings our streets to life. It is an economic boom that City Hall should embrace and support looking for win-win opportunities that connect us, not divide us.

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