No Time Limits for Food Trucks in Los Angeles

Lately I’ve been receiving some disturbing complaints about overzealous enforcement officers claiming that the City of Los Angeles has time limits on how long a food truck can vend.  It is true that in the Los Angeles Municipal Code there is a code section, 80.73 b(2)F that expressly forbids vending longer than 30 minutes in a residential area and 60 minutes in a commercial area. However, this code should not be enforced as per the instructions of the Chief of Police.  The memo to “All Sworn Personnel” outlines the reasons for suspension of enforcement.

From the memo: “On June 5, 2009, an appeal of a parking citation was heard in Superior Court. The parking citation was issued by the Department of Transportation employees to a catering truck which was dispensing food in violation of Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC) Section 80.73(b)2. F, which regulates the amount of time a catering truck may park in residential and commercial locations.  As a result of the appeal, LAMC 80.73(b)2.F was rendered invalid and no longer enforceable.”

The memo is very clear.  There are no time limits for food trucks in Los angeles outside of the posted signs and painted curbs.  If a Department of Transportation officer, a police officer, or a code enforcer tells you that you must leave due to time limits, please give them the attached memo.  If you are still having an issue with an enforcement officer call: LAPD Legal Unit, Risk Management Group-213-978-8300.

You are still required to follow the time limits of the posted sign and painted curb.  

Please see and download this memo.  Keep it with you:  LAPD 80.73 memo

On a side note, remember that Yellow Curbs are safe to park at after 6pm, Monday – Saturday and all day Sunday.  The code section is 89.38 of the Los Angeles Municipal Code.

Know your rights!


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