Food Truck Fundraisers

Food Truck Fundraisers for non-profits

The SoCalMFVA can help you get your school, church or nonprofit organization plan a food truck fundraiser. We have assisted many nonprofits in booking trucks, handling regulations, and assisting with promotions.

We have been running a food truck fundraiser for the California Heritage Museum in Santa Monica since September, 2010.  To date we have raised over $120,000 for the museum by booking food trucks every week on their property.  The event has become a mainstay of the Santa Monica community.  Read about it here:

If you’re interested in starting a weekly, monthly or quarterly food truck fundraising event, please email us at  Please include the organization you would like to fundraise for, the City where you would hold the fundraiser, and how many people you expect.  We will get back to you shortly.


Food Truck Fundraisers

California Heritage Museum Fundraiser-4-9-2013

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