Making the Food Truck Industry Easier

The SoCalMFVA has helped to change anti-food truck laws and policies in over 20 municipalities.  We have worked with cities, counties and the State to ensure food trucks are able to do business free from regulatory constraints that are not public safety oriented.  Our goals do not stop at making positive regulatory changes.  Since January 2010, we’ve tried to answer questions and give support to prospective food truck operators, food truck builders and technology system creators.  We’ve reached beyond the borders of California to help other Associations get started nationwide.  We’ve lent a helping hand to the trucks of Baton Rouge, DC, Central Ohio, NYC, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Maryland, Minnesota, Chicago to name a few.

The SoCalMFVA has successfully run daily and weekly food truck lots for over three and a half years.  We do our best to maintain great variety bringing local businesses and communities the best trucks on a regular rotation.  The food truck lots have helped make food trucks a mainstay in Los Angeles while providing quality food to hard working Los Angelenos.

In an effort to continue making the industry easier, we’re going to provide more support for those that support food truckers.  If your business provides quality services to the industry, whether that be goods or services and you’re having issues with regulatory bodies or you just need some guidance, please contact us at

If you’re a new truck or a food truck builder and you’re having trouble with the Health Department plan check, please contact us immediately.  We can help.



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