One Year

One year ago today, we had our first SoCal Mobile Food Vendors’ Association meeting. We discussed the need for advocacy for this quickly growing industry. The next day 12 trucks got together and agreed to form the SoCalMFVA. This past year has seen quite a few new trucks on the road. Issues have arisen quickly with all the new trucks and we’ve done our best to stay in front of the curve. Most of our successes have come through working with communities and cities to give them a better understanding of how regulations can be enforced equitably.

Much of our success has come via consumer/follower support. The twitterverse has assembled strong email campaigns to let legislatures know how you feel about this industry. Without your support and activism, we would not be where we are today.

The next year we hope to continue our successes as we expand into Orange County, and San Diego County. Our hope is that we can continue to work with communities to diversify food service and increase consumer choice. Additionally, we will continue to actively engage in fund raisers for schools, museums and other good causes that can take advantage of our growing consumer base.

Thanks again for all or your support!

Matt Geller

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