How One Association is Leading A Food Truck Revolution

By: Katie Bascuas

The mobile food industry hasn’t necessarily been welcomed with open arms in many U.S. cities. Food truck operators in places like Washington, DC, and San Francisco are often fighting complicated regulations and zoning requirements that would limit the areas where they could legally operate.

The SoCal Mobile Food Vendors Association wants to change that and is working city-by-city to help local food truck operators establish associations and work toward beneficial regulations in their area.

“Just like any business—forget that it’s food trucks—every business wants a regulatory environment that’s going to allow them to succeed or fail on merits,” said Matt Geller, president of SoCalMFVA, who over the past couple of years has helped form food truck associations in Washington, DC; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Denver; Philadelphia; New York; and New Orleans.

“I help them understand the organizational process,” Geller said. “I give them their bylaws so they don’t have to spend money on attorneys to write bylaws, and I give them their 501(c)(6) filing so they can just file and make it very, very easy on themselves.”

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