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Last week the Santa Monica Planning Department released a report that said that they would be issuing Temporary Use Permits for Food Truck Lots in Santa Monica. This was the first issue taken on by the Association, and I am very happy with the result. There are two food truck lots currently in the application process, the original Santa Monica Food Truck Lot on 14th and Santa Monica and a lot on Ocean Park and Main St attached to the Heritage Museum. The Musuem lot is planning on opening for dinner service mid September on Tuesday nights. It will be in partnership with the Victorian Bar, who will be providing seating to all patrons as well as a bar to order drinks from.

Thanks to all of the food truck fans who leant their support last January. You are the reason why Santa Monica acted so quickly (8 months is quick in city government) to address this issue. Our advocacy efforts are bolstered by fan support. Thank you very much!


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