Update: 7/16


  • Little Tokyo: Ready to schedule two trucks a day.  First visit it free, it’s $53 ($2 to cover transaction cost of online credit card payment, if you send a check it’s $50) after that.  I’m printing flyers.  The SoCalMFVA must pay them at the beginning of every month so invoices must be paid immediately for this lot.
  • Monrovia: Still waiting on people to get business licenses.  Has anyone gone out and checked out the site?  If so, please report back.
  • Pershing Square: Wed-Sat Pershing Square is having events.  They are requesting trucks, however, the payment options are a bit outdated.  BELOW is the info they sent me.
    * 1250.00 + LA BTR Certificate, insurance and health permit for 1
    vendor wed – Sat all 5 weeks
    *  250.00 per Wednesday-Friday for individual vendors + LA BTR Certificate,
    insurance and health permit for 1 vendor Wed – Sat
    * If we go 1 vendor on each individual day of the week ( Wed all 5 wks
    or Fri all 5 weeks) the fee would be $200 a day per week or $1000.00
    for  all 5 Wed / Thur etc     plus LA BTR Certificate, insurance and
    health permit
    As you requested here are the dates per day of the week by individual date:
    WED / July- 21, 28 and Aug 4,11 &18 expect a good crowd of folks 20 -40 with $
    THUR / July – 22, 29 and Aug 5,12,&19 expect the Silverlake
    alternative 20 -30 with limited funds
    Friday / July 23,30 and Aug 23, 30 and Aug 6,13,& 20 expect families
    cokes candy ice cream hot dogs
    Saturdays / July 24, 31 Aug 7,14. and 21 expect big audience 20 – 50+
    food eaters
    All vendors along with presenting certificates must have a deposit at
    time of signature. If any changes occur in pricing I will let you
  • Venice Lot: This is the lot on Venice and Abbot Kinney (600 Venice Blvd, across from Lemonade) that I tried to get a few months ago for First Friday.  Someone is developing a restaurant there, but wants to have food trucks before they open.  We haven’t agreed on a cost, or how often the trucks will be on the lot.  We can do lunch and/or dinner 7 days a week if we like and there are easily accessible bathrooms.  Please give me some feed back including fair price for the lot, times, days.
  • Artwalk: They’re trying to secure the same lot for us for the next Artwalk.  How many trucks do you think should be there?  The police will be carrying out the same strict enforcement strategy at the next Artwalk, so we need a lot.  Please give me feed back.
  • SM Food Truck Lot: Still waiting on the city to approve the permit
  • Medallion Lot: I’ve spoken briefly with the developer, about using the Artwalk lot from last week as a daily lot.  What do think about that?
  • Main St. lot (SM): This lot has been cleared by the city (AMAZING).  This lot is 6-10pm M-Th, I’m working to get the price down from $100 a visit.  I have a meeting on Monday afternoon to give you the specifics.

City Issues:

The LaBonge Motion has been delayed, but it is not going away.  While this is purely an investigatory motion, it can lead to further restriction that damage the industry.  In the two meetings we’ve had there has been a lot of talk of creating a best practices guide.  I am sending along a VERY ROUGH “Rules of the Road” document for your comments.  The final will be better organized, and more direct.

I would also like everyone to reach out to business owners, event coordinators, people you’ve done fundraisers for, community members, or anyone else that has been positively affected by this industry, and ask them for a positive letter.  It’s important that we let the city know how much you mean to the community at-large.

Additionally, if you could provide me with an employee count for your truck/business.  Put “EMPLOYEES/(NAME OF TRUCK) in the subject line of the email.  We want the city to know how many people your trucks are employing.

NEXT MEETING:  The next meeting is August 1st at 10am at 1401 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica.  Please bring chairs and umbrellas to protect yourself from the sun.   We will be electing a new board of three people.  The board will then picks the officers.  We will also start creating committees following the new board.  If you are interested in being on the board, let me know.