Things are still moving along.

Hopefully all of you are all set up on Google Groups.  If you are not, please request a membership from our Groups page!

Meeting with Environmental Health:
The meeting with Terrence Powell went well.  A new ordinance will protect the privacy of letters so businesses that give them out don’t fee pressured to take them back.  Currently, the public is allowed to request to see the letters from the Health Dept.  This has led to businesses feeling pressured.
Additionally, They are crafting a better way to deal with bathroom letter enforcement.  I’ll have more details as soon as they update me.

Santa Monica Food Truck Lot:
Hopefully, everyone has heard that we’re getting this lot back by the end of June. This lot is on 14th and Santa Monica and was the first dedicated Food Truck Lot.

Little Tokyo Lot:
I’m sorry this lot is taking so long.  I made changes to the contract and now we’re just waiting for their lawyers to give the ok.

Silver Lake Jubilee:
Let’s start getting excited for this… The buzz around this event is really starting to take off and we can help it with some tweets about our participation

Artwalk lots:
Hopefully you all got the message: We have Artwalk lots for this Thursday, May 13th, with bathroom letters.  Here is the original Google Groups email:

“Both lots are on Spring.  One is the original lot that was used two
months ago between 7th and 8th.   I am putting 8 trucks in there.
The other lot is between 5th and 6th on Spring at the lot that is
usually vacant (and looks like a construction site).  Both will have
bathroom letters.  Both cost $120.  If I have more interest than
spaces I have to be as fair as possible.  Obviously, trucks that
weren’t in the Artwalk lot last time will have preference.  But, I
will also be giving heavy preference to trucks that are paid in full
with all their invoices.  It’s the only fair way I know how to do it.
Please email me ASAP.  I will not confirm right away because I have to
get a total count before I start assigning spots.”
Outdoor Cinema Food Fest:
I’m taking schedule requests for the first one… The organizers will be the ones who ultimately pick the trucks for the opening night.  I will be scheduling each following event.

501(c)(6) Non-Profit:
There is a primary election in 27 days.  The 53rd district encompasses the Westside and looks to be  a very competitive race because there is no incumbent.  Our 501(c)(6) status allows us to lobby the candidates.  We need an ally in Sacramento, because it’s the only way we can change the bathroom letter requirement and protect ourselves from further state regulation.  I’ve spoken with three candidates from the 53rd.  Peter Thotam “Loves food trucks” and said he would be an ally.  Nick Karno’s campaign manager basically said he was too busy to look into it.  Betsy Butler, has a lot of love for the trucks and I got a good feeling from her.  My question is this:  If we find someone that makes a pledge to be an ally in Sacramento would you be comfortable with an Association endorsement?  How about a personal endorsement?  I’m trying to figure out how much I can promise these candidates.  With all of our followers we could sway this election.  Please let me know your thoughts by email or comment below.
I’m getting a lot of emails with lines like “I’m sorry, I know you’re busy but…”  As always, I’m busy working for you.  You shouldn’t be sorry about emailing or calling about anything that you’re concerned about.  I’m available for any questions, or concerns anytime.  If I don’t get back to you, please email or call again.  If you feel like I’ve been neglecting an issue or a concern, please let me know.  We’ve got a lot going on and I know I miss some things sometimes. Check the schedules often to make sure I’m getting your requests recorded.  If I’m not, let me know.
The next meeting will be an important one: The bylaws, membership agreements and our committee appointments will be reviewed and considered.  I’m trying to give a lot of notice so we have good attendance.   THE MEETING WILL BE MAY 30th 2010 at 1401 Santa Monica Blvd.  Santa Monica.  We’ll start promptly at 10:30 a.m.