Food Trucks Scheduled at Your Workplace

Food Trucks Scheduled at Your Workplace

We can provide your office/work space with food trucks.

The SoCalMFVA was the first group to organize and bring food trucks to office buildings in Los Angeles.  We have continued to schedule  food trucks for lunch time service around the Los Angeles area. We ensure that you have a rotating variety of cuisines that offer fast and friendly service.  Our scheduling system provides access to an easy to read schedule that keeps your tenants and employees notified.

Food trucks at your workplace provide a rotating choice of cuisines to ensure there is always something new to eat.   Employees love the variety and the fact they don’t have to leave work to find great food.

We’ll work with your office to make sure you get the food trucks and the cuisines of your choice.   Our roster of trucks is the largest in Los Angeles so you’re always sure to have something new.

If you’re interested in setting up a food truck lot at your office, or place of business, please contact us at

Check us out at twitter: @socalmfva and facebook.


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