Food Truck Lots

Food Truck Lots

Food Trucks Serving Los Angeles

Los Angeles food truck lots continue to be a popular destination for Los Angelenos.  From the one truck lunch lot in front of an office building to the evening event lot in a hip neighborhood, food truck lots provide consumers with a variety of food choices.  The consistency of lots provides consumers with some certainty when going out to eat at food trucks.  Instead of tracking down your favorite trucks, you can check the schedule at your closest lot.  Sure bet that your favorite trucks will make an appearance.

One truck lunch lots rotate trucks every day.  The rotation provides the Los Angeles workforce with constant variety.  Gone are the days of limited cuisine choices in walking distance. Todays hungry workforce has the luxury of having a different cuisine every day.

Evening lots typically have five trucks or more.  They operate as a weekly, or monthly community event.  Communities get to hang with neighbors and friends while enjoying some of the best trucks in the City.  It’s easy to find something for everyone at an evening food truck event.

If you’re interested in getting a food truck to your office building everyday, please contact us at  We can set up a regular rotation of food trucks at your office building quickly and easily.

To see many of the Los Angeles Food Truck lots, go to LOTMOM!  

Here are some of our favorite lots (with schedules):

Los Angeles Mart(LA MART)

  • 1933 S. Broadway Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90007
  • Schedule
  • Runs daily from Monday through Friday, 11am through 4pm for lunch.
  • Once every 21 days

Hollywood Production Center(HPC)

  • 1149 N. Gower St Los Angeles, CA 90038
  • Runs daily from Monday through Friday, 11am through 4pm for lunch.
  • Once every 13 days

 Santa Monica/Victorian Lot

  • 2612 Main St. Santa Monica 90403
  • This lot runs on Tuesdays for dinner, 5pm to 9pm.
  • 7 food trucks and 1 dessert truck.

Century Lot – 


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