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Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to write Councilman Paul Koretz.  City Council offices take opposition emails very seriously, and it will be interesting to see how they handle the outpouring of support. So far, nobody has reported a reply from the Councilman’s office.  From what I can tell there have been around 70 emails (71 mail link clicks according to website stats). Additionally, 21 people CC’d me on their emails to the Councilman… Some of them very thoughtful, some VERY funny. This week we’re hoping to keep the pressure with more emails and calls (213-473-7005).  LAist had a story about our little campaign yesterday, and hopefully there will be others this week.

Thanks again for supporting the Food Truck industry!  Please let us know if the Councilman’s office responds to your email.

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It always makes me nervous when City, State, or Federal officials take the side of one business, or industry over another.  Competition is a  healthy part of the marketplace and the real beneficiaries of competition are the consumer.  Unfortunately, Los Angeles City Councilman Paul Koretz disagrees.

A quote from Councilman Koretz concerning food trucks, “A lot of businesses in stationary, permitted locations feel it’s unfair competition, and I tend to agree with them,” Koretz said. “There have been problems with these trucks popping up in front of businesses and people’s homes. They’re less of a nuisance in one lot, but I’m not thrilled with that either. I think they work well at construction sites where it’s difficult for workers to have access to other food, but I think that should be their only place in the city.” (Article:)

Councilman Koretz thinks food trucks should be limited to construction sites?  He believes that it’s unfair competition?   Councilman Paul Koretz is calling the trucks a nuissance.

Please let him know how you feel.  You can email him at  or call him at 310-289-0353. We need to let the City know how important good Mobile food is to the residents of Los Angeles!

You can CC: the SoCalMFVA at matt(at),

The best emails will be chosen, and those followers will be invited to our next private food truck tasting.


Here is a great email from a supporter!

Hilarious email from a supporter!

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The growing food truck trend is providing customers/followers with reasonably priced food all over the city.  People are no longer limited to the restaurant options in their immediate area.  This is especially beneficial to employees who have limited lunch breaks and are restricted to one particular area.  Additionally, the trucks have become destinations for many people looking for delicious food at reasonable prices.  Unfortunately, there has been a bit of a backlash.  The government agencies tasked with regulating this growing industry have received plenty of complaints, but not many praises about the food trucks.  New regulations are being considered to limit the food truck industry in several different ways.  With the help of our growing list of followers, we believe we can let the regulators know that food trucks are legitimate businesses that are welcome members of the food service industry.

Let us know what you think…


Lots of lots!  The Association is working towards opening a lot in your part of the city as quickly as we can.  If you have lot site suggestions, please fill out our contact form and let us know.

The Association is continuing to grow.  More and more trucks means more and more choices in a lot near you.  Additionally, the Association can help you set up an event with one of our many Association trucks.