Dear Councilman Koretz:

I am a resident of Los Angeles and therefore a constituent. For what it is worth, I always vote. I usually walk precincts reminding other voters of the available candidates and then to actually go and vote. I have never run for public office and certainly do not relish the prospect of finding myself running for office over what is probably a very minor issue. (I suspect that the late Congressman Sonny Bono said something similar before he ran for Mayor of Palm Springs.)
In any event, I wanted you to know that I am a big supporter of the current trend in Food Trucks that Los Angeles is experiencing. When I refer to “current trend,” I do not mean the “roach coaches” that served junk at construction sites. The current trend have good and often novel food, all of which seems to be off the highest quality and made to high standards.
There are, certainly times where I will drive a considerable distance to satisfy a particular craving, but usually, a suitable truck is not too far from me. Satisfying a craving for a particular truck does not mean I drive more than I might otherwise drive as I will also drive to a restaurant if the urge strikes me.
I know many others who like the food trucks, many of whom are in the construction trades. The trucks provide them with better meals at construction sites. I understand that the issue has even been positively discussed at Union meetings.
I recognize that the food trucks may make it harder for some restaurants to compete. However, that is partly due to the economy and partly due to social evolution. For example, it is quite difficult to find a shop that sells typewriters and nearly impossible to find one that sells saddles and horseshoes. It is likewise impossible to find a shop that sells abacuses or slide rules. It is just a matter of the times.
Beyond the foregoing, the food trucks are an advertising point for the City of Los Angeles. Their presence and popularity is something that distinguishes Los Angeles from other cities. They are something about which residents can speak positively.
I therefore respectfully urge you to reconsider your position of food trucks.
Respectfully, name ommitted