Rest in Peace, David Shin of THE YUMMY ONE

Their best dish!

A dear friend and member of the SOCALMFVA, David Shin of The Yummy One food truck, just passed away several weeks ago. Mr. Shin was an excellent entrepreneur, chef and a fellow member. He is survived by his wife and daughter. We hope that David Shin’s legacy of hardwork, friendliness, honesty and sincerety will pass on to the rest of our SOCALMFVA family and the food truck industry. May you rest in peace, 신대걱. You will always be in our hearts.

-Yeyen Ong

The First Heated Gourmet Food Truck Lot in Los Angeles

(Santa Monica) – With winter season just around the corner, the wildly popular Santa Monica food truck lot is busy making preparations to make itself even more enticing to customers. Since the start of the new year, it has become the first food truck lot in Southern California to provide heat lamps for its customers and to better serve the public.The lamps are being provided by the Victorian, The SoCal Mobile Food Vendors’ Association and the California Heritage Museum, located right by the lot.

This highly successful gourmet food truck lot has been in operation since October 2010 and has been instrumental in popularizing the gourmet food truck movement in Los Angeles. It sees thousands of customers every Tuesday and is one of the most desirable locations among truckers. Susan Harding of the Clean Street Food Truck says, “The Victorian is one of our favorite locations with a wide range of attendees from babies, couples, groups of friends and even a television crew interviewing for French television.”

According to the lot administrator, Yeyen Ong, “This is a hugely popular lot and many of our truckers are always fighting to vend here. With the new heat lamps installed, customers will be able to enjoy the same great food and atmosphere without having to bare the cold.”

The Santa Monica Food Truck lot serves dinner to the community every Tuesdays from 5pm to 10pm at the Victorian lot, located at the corner of Main Street and Ocean Park Boulevard (2612 Main Street, 90405). Drinks are served by the Victorian, along with live music performances. The Basement Tavern a bar located in the basement of the Victorian allows food truck patrons to come down and enjoy a drink.  A percentage of all trucker proceeds are donated to the California Heritage Museum, located right by the lot. To date, the trucks have raised over $60,000 for the California Heritage Museum.

Lots of lots

I’ve been getting quite a few emails suggesting lots in various places. A lot of the requests are from people in the Valley. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of time to make the trip out there to investigate. It’s hard to follow up on all the leads, especially when I don’t have phone numbers for the lots in question. If you see a lot in an area where you would love to have trucks, AND you can get me a phone number, I will follow up and do my best to secure that lot.

If you help me find lots, I’ll get them filled with trucks ASAP! Thanks.

What's going on?

This Summer is going to be a big one for Food Trucks. Good weather plus amazing food, equals happy Los Angelinos…  We’re continuing to look for new locations, lots and events for the trucks to be a part of.

Our Century Lot is doing great. We’ll have six or seven trucks there every Tuesday. The Gateway to LA Business Improvement District makes this more of an event by setting up tables and chairs and having a band play. If you haven’t been there yet, you’re missing out!

The SoCalMFVA is working with the organizers of the Silver Laker Jubilee (May 22 & 23) to provide 40 trucks per day for their event.  This will be the largest collection of trucks (check the month of May for all the trucks attending) ever assembled for a festival.

Councilmember Koretz sent two staffers to the Century Lot on Tuesday.  We talked about food trucks, lots and the now infamous quote. They didn’t think that our email campaign was justified considering that it was an off the cuff remark and not a “press release.”  Despite some disagreements, they do seem willing to hear us out and take a closer look at all the benefits Food Trucks have to offer.  I’ll keep you updated.

We’ve got a state election coming up, and I’ve asked some of the candidates running for seats in the Los Angeles area their views on Food Trucks… So far, no response.

Thank You!

Over the past 10 days the food truck supporters and followers have really come through for the food truck industry with emails and calls to Councilman Koretz. Paul Koretz commented on our campaign in an interview with   I’m still not completely satisfied with his “nuisance” comment, but I am happy that he has clarified his previous statements and recognized that food trucks have many advocates.  I will be inviting the Councilman and/or his staff to join us at the Century Lot next week.  We will keep you updated on our progress with City officials.

There is a community meeting tonight at 7:00 pm in West Los Angeles at the Felicia Mayhood Community Center on the south west corner of Santa Monica Blvd and Corinth Ave (a couple of blocks west of the 405) involving produce/food truck business owners and the community members who oppose them.  Meeting is mediated by City Attorney representatives.  If you are in the neighborhood please come by and show your support.  I’m trying to get a food truck there so we have a place to eat after the meeting.   (thanks to Alley Cat Mag for the heads up).

You don't call… You don't write…

Last Thursday, we started our email campaign to let Paul Koretz know how many supporters the Food Truck industry in Los Angeles has.  So far, he has not responded to anyone.  The only emails back are generic auto-response emails that have nothing to do with the Food Trucks.  Today I’m going to call and see if I can get someone to talk to me about the Councilman’s position.  I’ll even invite them out to one of our events or lots.  If they don’t want to discuss this issue with us, we’re going to have to organize a group of supporters to go down to the Councilman’s office.  We’ll bring a food truck so everyone gets fed.

If you have some extra time today, please give a call to the Councilman’s office and ask to speak to Christopher Koontz or Emily Kane about the Councilman’s position.  They can ignore emails, but it’s much harder to ignore phone calls.  The number is 213-473-7005. Let’s DEMAND that they listen to the will of the people…. Long live consumer choice!

Making an Impact

Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to write Councilman Paul Koretz.  City Council offices take opposition emails very seriously, and it will be interesting to see how they handle the outpouring of support. So far, nobody has reported a reply from the Councilman’s office.  From what I can tell there have been around 70 emails (71 mail link clicks according to website stats). Additionally, 21 people CC’d me on their emails to the Councilman… Some of them very thoughtful, some VERY funny. This week we’re hoping to keep the pressure with more emails and calls (213-473-7005).  LAist had a story about our little campaign yesterday, and hopefully there will be others this week.

Thanks again for supporting the Food Truck industry!  Please let us know if the Councilman’s office responds to your email.