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Food Trucks

The SoCalMFVA was the first group to organize and bring food trucks to office buildings in Los Angeles.  We have continued to schedule trucks for lunch time service around the Los Angeles area.  We ensure that you have a rotating variety of cuisines that offer fast and friendly service.  There is no cost to cost associated with this service.  If you’re interested in setting up a food truck lot at your office, please contact us at

We can bring a food truck to you, daily, weekly or monthly.  We have a wide selection of cuisines to choose from and we let you pick the trucks you want to use.

Food Trucks


Santa Monica Main St Lot

The Santa Monica Planning Commission is recommending a permit to allow food trucks on private property in certain areas.  The Planning Commission has thoughtfully put together great conditions for food truck lots in Santa Monica.

A small minority that opposes the Santa Monica Tuesday night Main Street is opposing the Planning Commissions recommendations in an attempt to stop the Tuesday night event on Main Street.  We need your help to save the Main Street lot Tuesday night event!

The SoCal Mobile Food Vendors Association pays a weekly fee to the Heritage Museum which has become a major source of income that pays for community programming.  So far the event has raised over $90,000 for the Museum.


1. Please… write a letter of support for ourTuesday night event. We have a unique venue which includes a picnic area on the lawn; patio dining at “the Victorian”; and a casual neighborhood bar at the downstairs “Basement”. Send the e-mail to the museum –, and more importantly, to the City Planning Department

2. Attend the Wednesday evening meeting at City Hall at 7:00 pm (Council Chambers) where some people may speak against the Food Truck event. We need people to speak for a minute in support of the trucks and what a great community event it is!!!

Rest in Peace, David Shin of THE YUMMY ONE

Their best dish!

A dear friend and member of the SOCALMFVA, David Shin of The Yummy One food truck, just passed away several weeks ago. Mr. Shin was an excellent entrepreneur, chef and a fellow member. He is survived by his wife and daughter. We hope that David Shin’s legacy of hardwork, friendliness, honesty and sincerety will pass on to the rest of our SOCALMFVA family and the food truck industry. May you rest in peace, 신대걱. You will always be in our hearts.

-Yeyen Ong

The First Heated Gourmet Food Truck Lot in Los Angeles

(Santa Monica) – With winter season just around the corner, the wildly popular Santa Monica food truck lot is busy making preparations to make itself even more enticing to customers. Since the start of the new year, it has become the first food truck lot in Southern California to provide heat lamps for its customers and to better serve the public.The lamps are being provided by the Victorian, The SoCal Mobile Food Vendors’ Association and the California Heritage Museum, located right by the lot.

This highly successful gourmet food truck lot has been in operation since October 2010 and has been instrumental in popularizing the gourmet food truck movement in Los Angeles. It sees thousands of customers every Tuesday and is one of the most desirable locations among truckers. Susan Harding of the Clean Street Food Truck says, “The Victorian is one of our favorite locations with a wide range of attendees from babies, couples, groups of friends and even a television crew interviewing for French television.”

According to the lot administrator, Yeyen Ong, “This is a hugely popular lot and many of our truckers are always fighting to vend here. With the new heat lamps installed, customers will be able to enjoy the same great food and atmosphere without having to bare the cold.”

The Santa Monica Food Truck lot serves dinner to the community every Tuesdays from 5pm to 10pm at the Victorian lot, located at the corner of Main Street and Ocean Park Boulevard (2612 Main Street, 90405). Drinks are served by the Victorian, along with live music performances. The Basement Tavern a bar located in the basement of the Victorian allows food truck patrons to come down and enjoy a drink.  A percentage of all trucker proceeds are donated to the California Heritage Museum, located right by the lot. To date, the trucks have raised over $60,000 for the California Heritage Museum.